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Songs of Taiwan


Livestream Berlin 21.8.2020

Opening concert for the Taiwan Film Festival Berlin 2020
Songs of Taiwan

Facebook Livestream

CET on Friday, August 21, 2020 at 2 pm

in the
Taiwan Cultural Hall Berlin


Producer: Impression Taiwan X HoHaiYan Arts
Linkt to Taiwan Film Festival 2020

Link to Online Concert in Youtube

Tailing CHI, violinist
Doctor in violin performance of the Hochschule für Musik Saar
First violinist of the Ensemble San Pablo (more info)

Chia-Lun HSU, pianist
Diplom for piano solo of the Universität der Künste Berlin
Studies of Meisterklasse for piano solo, chamber music and art song accompaniment of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München (more info)

Let us start this Taiwan Film Festival with music representing “Songs of Taiwan”. Jointly organized by Impression Taiwan and HoHaiYan Arts, the opening concert opens up possibilities for everybody online to hear the sounds of
Taiwan in the form of classical music and, at the same time, presents the music to an international audience so that the beauty of Taiwan becomes more visible.

The Concert highlights a diversity of sounds in
Taiwan. It is our privilege to invite emerging Taiwanese artists having solid classical music background to perform works of Taiwanese composers. We believe it is not only a great opportunity to enhance musical literacy of the citizens, but also to create a sensational moment for the world to enjoy the uniqueness of Taiwanese music. Kind reminder: if you are in Taiwan
(GMT+8), the live-streaming events begin at 20:00 on Facebook.

Tyzen HSIAO    蕭泰然
            The Song of Taiwan (1970)
            Fantasy HengChun Melody
            Nocturne in D (1995)

Chih-Yuan KUO 郭芝苑
Tambourine dance (2001) 車鼓舞

Hsiao-Feng CHANG 張曉峰 arr.
           Egret (Taiwanese Children's song) 白鷺鷥

Ching-Ju SHIH  
            Capriccio from the song ’Sell dumpling rice ball’ for violin and piano (2017)
            Hometown at dusk (original music: Tadaharu Nakano, 1958)
            Darkening sky (original music: Fu-Yu LIN, 1960er)
            It is our baby (original music: Ming-Chang CHEN. 2004)

Tyzen HSIAO      蕭泰然
           I love Taiwan (1987) 無通嫌台灣

With special thanks to the Tyzen Hsiao Foundation, Chih-Yuan Kuo Music Association and the composers Ching-Ju Shih and Hsiao-Feng Chang