Eöffnungskonzert-Songs of Taiwan

Opening concert for the Taiwan Film Festival Berlin 2020
Songs of Taiwan

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CET on Friday, August 21, 2020 at 2 pm
in the Taiwan Cultural Hall Berlin
Tailing CHI  violinist       Chia-Lun HSU  pianist

Tyzen Hsiao
      In »The Song of Taiwan« 台灣頌 (1970), the composer uses native elements from the Taiwan Opera and merges them with the melody of the Pepo Aborigines (aborigines on the coastal plain). His romantic arrangement invokes a lively, graceful landscape of Taiwan.
      In »Fantasy HengChun Melody« 恆春夢幻小調, the composer creates a romantic mood with delicate refinement and gives new life and a novel approach to the well known Hengchun melody.
       »Nocturne in D« D調夜曲 was created in 1995 as a dedication to the great violin educator Li Shu-de李淑德 (*1929). The violin gently accentuates Ms Li's rigorous, delicate, romantic, devoted and progressive liberal personality.

Chih-Yuan Kuo
        »Tambourine Dance« 車鼓舞  ´Tambourine Dance´ is a folk dance accompanied with bamboo sticks and tambourine. This violin piece created in 2001 is a reminescence of the temple festivals in the composer's childhood.

Hsiao-Feng Chang arr.
            »Egret« 白鷺鷥  Egret riding on the back of a water buffalo was a typical idyll in the countryside of Taiwan. The well-known children's song »Egret« is a typical Taiwanese melody.

Ching-Ju Shih
          In the »Capriccio from the song ’Sell dumpling rice ball’« 燒肉粽隨想曲 which was created in 2017 for the renowned violinist Richard Lin林品任, the composer starts out from the melody of the well-known song ‘Sell dumpling rice ball’, unfolds it in western musical language, so that the pentatonic part of the song is combined with western harmony into one unit.
       »Hometown at dusk« 黃昏的故鄉 is a typical hybrid song of the 50s-60s in Taiwan. The melody originates from the Japanese composer Tadaharu Nakano中野忠晴. Later it was rewritten with a Taiwanese text. It thematizes the longing of a alien worker for his hometown.
       Taiwan is an island surrounded by the sea, and it rains very frequently. Accordingly, verses and stanzas beginning with "Darkening sky, rain is falling" are widespread. Such common rhymes were rewritten by the composer Lin Fu-Yu in林福裕1960s to the popular song »Darkening sky« 天黑黑.
       »It is our baby« 伊是咱的寶貝 was the theme song composed by composer and lyricist Chen Ming-Chang陳明章for the "228 Hand-in-Hand rally" in 2004. Since then it is sung widely and at many occasions.

Tyzen Hsiao
          »I love Taiwan«  通嫌台灣 was created in 1987 as a song and became one of the most popular songs in Taiwan. Its style graws from both art songs and folk songs.